23 March 2012

Localizing - Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race

26.2 miles blocked off for the LA Marathon. What better to do than crash it on your bike before dusk in whatever weather it may be with 900+ other people?

As someone more comfortable racing on her two feet than her bike, I partook in this year's Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race as a volunteer during the rego party and spectator at the finish.

Next year? I'll be braving the roads :)

SO many props to Roadblock, all the other members of Wolfpack Hustle and LA cycling community that make this event possible, LAPD etc for being [un]officially supportive...it was all truly amazing.

16 March 2012

Food Love

Lobsta Truck was over at On the Lot LA a few Mondays ago. Nabbed a lobsta roll with mayo, real cape cod kettle chips and a whoopie pie. YUM.

13 March 2012

Localizing - LA Derby Dolls

When was the last time you were on roller-skates? Actual 2x2 roller-skates with the front break. For me, probably elementary school. Last Saturday, we went to go watch the LA vs SD jam at the LA Derby Dolls' Doll Factory - located in the Historic Filipinotown neighborhood. Two of us were able to score a sweet deal through Thrillist Rewards for a discount on general admission tickets plus one PBR.

The match itself was fast-paced, exciting and the packed house was just as entertaining as the teams competing - aside from the competition, there were a range of food trucks outside and several different vendors in the adjoining part of the factory. For us newbies that missed the rules video, it took a little while to understand the strategy, but we were able to catch on by the second half. We'll definitely be back again to watch another bout!

09 March 2012

Food Love

Coolhaus LA never fails to appease regardless of what season it is. Hot? Come up with an awesome homemade cookie and ice-cream sandwich collaboration. Freezing cold? Pick one of their hot chocolate blends. Southern California bi-polar winter-spring? Hot chocolate floated with a scoop of ice cream!

06 March 2012

Three Things

My (favorite) latest apps:
  1. Venmo - Like their website points out, it's like your smartphone and wallet had a beautiful baby. This free app makes it incredibly easy (and secure and quick) to settle split bills between friends.

  2. Tiny Review - Developed to be a platform to "caption the world" and post succinct photo reviews linked to locations. My initial reaction was moreso "Great! Easy instagram-like memes." I foresee much random fun to be had and wit to be spread via this app.

  3. HeyTell - Who wouldn't want to turn their smartphone into a walkie-talkie?

04 March 2012

Food Love

Round I: Tofu popcorn

Round II: Baos (Grilled tofu and panko fish in white, wheat & bibb lettuce options)

Round IIIa: Salted caramel macaron ice cream sandwich (from one of my LA favorites, Milk)

Round IIIb: Banana nutella bao

Katie and I checked out Take a Bao's Studio City location on Friday and indulged in a variety of their offerings as you can see from the photos above. We also got comped a napa salad (thank you to whoever in the kitchen accidentally made it) - which was also just as delicious, fresh and perfect component to our al fresco lunch on a warm sunny afternoon.

02 March 2012

Food Love

Pasteis de nata. Carne de Porco à Alentejana. Oh, it's been far too long since my Lisbon trip and all the yummy Portuguese food. I'll have to make my way towards Sherman Oaks more often.
Muito obrigado, Natas Pastries!