05 October 2012

Food Love

With the move to California, I was sure that I would never be able to find a place with Neapolitan pizza quite like the kind you find in New York (or, if lucky, in Europe).  I was proven wrong when I got the chance to try out Mother Dough's sausage pie.  A bit steep on the price range but totally worth the splurge.

03 October 2012

Tengo hambre.

Ah, Mexico. 

You created a special place in my heart for agua fresca tamarindo and tacos al pastor.  As much as I had enjoyed my share of late night kebabs during the Euro-living days, I was never quite as enthralled at a carver whittling away paper-thin slices of meat off a spit until I was introduced to tacos al pastor at El Fogon in Playa del Carmen.

The food that would get me back to Mexico in a heartbeat?  The fresh seafood at El Camello Jr in Tulum.  While their fish, shrimp and octopus tacos were nothing to write home about, my life has been forever changed and no salsa and chips combo will ever top their stewed shark and corn chips.

I could have lived off the addictive shark stew/salsa and fresh guac alone with their corn chips.
Glorious, glorious ceviche mixto.

01 October 2012

Oh hello, October.

After an [unplanned] summer hiatus from blogging and just like the return of the fall network television season, I'm back!  I'm surprised Uncle G2 didn't kick me off his blogroll.  Like most returning series are doing for their season premieres, a brief recap is in order:

After running a full marathon (San Diego Rock n Roll), completing one of Camp Pendleton's World Famous mud runs, and conquering the Hollywood Sign Run with A Runner's Circle...all in the month of June, mind you, the summer of visitors and travels was in full swing.  Jasen returned from deployment.  Feven came to visit for her introduction the best coast. 

I went to Maine to celebrate the wedding of one of my closest college friends from UMBC XC, Blakeslee.  Lots of lobster and many local microbrews were consumed.

Hands down, my favorite lobster roll was actually consumed in Boston at Belle Isle Seafood.

From there, I spent a week in Boston working remotely and catching up with the former ATL roomie before we headed off to meet the rest of the LP fun crew in Mexico for a wedding in Cancun and vacation days in Playa del Carmen.

Food adventures in Mexico will surely get its own post.  Pronto, lo prometo para ti, Uncle G2.

Until then, I present you with a photo of Tulum.

Then Mama Barin visited Los Angeles. Followed by Vegas 24-hour trip #1 of the summer with Nancy & Anh.  I was in a flash mob as a bridesmaid for one of my college roommate's weddings in Maryland.  That same week, I ended up attending the MTV VMAs in LA Live before heading up the coast to Santa Barbara for Maj's Dirty Thirty.  I participated in my very first triathlon relay.  Then balanced out the healthy adventures with Vegas 24-hour trip #2 of the summer with Jen & Maj. 

And now we find ourselves on the first day of October.


Now you kind of see why I resorted to Twitter, eh?