03 October 2012

Tengo hambre.

Ah, Mexico. 

You created a special place in my heart for agua fresca tamarindo and tacos al pastor.  As much as I had enjoyed my share of late night kebabs during the Euro-living days, I was never quite as enthralled at a carver whittling away paper-thin slices of meat off a spit until I was introduced to tacos al pastor at El Fogon in Playa del Carmen.

The food that would get me back to Mexico in a heartbeat?  The fresh seafood at El Camello Jr in Tulum.  While their fish, shrimp and octopus tacos were nothing to write home about, my life has been forever changed and no salsa and chips combo will ever top their stewed shark and corn chips.

I could have lived off the addictive shark stew/salsa and fresh guac alone with their corn chips.
Glorious, glorious ceviche mixto.

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