13 June 2011

Land of the Food Trucks

In Greenville, we only had Sexy Taco - and by Greenville standards, it (both truck and brick&mortar version) was amazing.

Los Angeles seems to have an endless amount of brightly colored, inventive food trucks running amok the city, and as someone who loves all types of foods and to explore different areas of a new city - it's like a daily scavenger hunt to seek out and try different vendors. Thankfully, there's a few different apps that help to aggregate instead of having to follow via Twitter individually:
So what's won over my tastebuds so far?

Fresh Fries LA goat cheese and raspberry fries

Coolhaus baked apple ice cream and snickerdoodle sandwich

Lo and behold - as I've been crafting up this post, my twitterverse research and browsing has made me stumble on some greatness from the mobile-culinary powers that be: every Monday, 6 food trucks come to the parish down the street!

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