21 June 2011

Three Things

  • I absolutely love the abundance of Jacaranda trees in LA. It makes my runs and walks more enjoyable, stuck-in-traffic scenery more bearable and overall life more colorful.
  • Melrose Trading Post has become my favorite use of 2$ (the entry fee) and area to wander around on Sunday mornings. How awesome is that bed frame? How often can you get Argentine empanadas then walk less than 10 feet and get made-to-order crepes followed by browsing vintage postcards and prints?
  • Tawny versus the vintage Wedgewood gas oven continues. Can anyone explain why my cupcakes turned into minature mountains of chocolate yum? Without actual proven measurement, I'm pretty sure my oven cooks at least 30 degrees higher than the dial reads or about 10-15 minutes faster than recommended.

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