07 September 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

A friend recently asked me what my favorite city was. I couldn't answer. As my blog header indicates, I've done my fair share of adventuring via plane, train, automobile and the occasional boat.

What better to do than use that question as a subject of a series of blog entries. But where to start?

Many thoughts later and after going through my past years' albums, I still can't rate the cities I've visited. They've all featured such unique memories. There are some that I'd like to claim pseudo-local status based on the volume of friends, family and stories...out of these, New York City takes the cake. Even if I can't rank my favorite cities, I can name my favorite places to eat, visit, drink and wander around within each. That should count for something right?

So here's my NYC rundown:
  1. The High Line - thisconverted rail line (pictured above) is hands down one of my favorite places in the city. With Frying Pan not too far from the northern beginning of the park and Chelsea Market and the Standard (pictured at right) along the way, it's a one-stop shop for fun and food with a great set of views.
  2. Bars and restos along and nearby St Marks Place - Bua, Rai Rai Ken and Polonia ...unrelated to food, but definitely a great stop inthe surrounding neighborhood is Galleria Nails - THE best manicure and pedicure quality and deals and are amazingly friendly.
  3. Beauty Bar - Countless nights out in NYC have ended with a great dance party in the back room of this bar. Additional points because Artichoke pizza is so close.
  4. Sunday brunches - Atlanta and the South gave me an appreciation for the Sunday brunch ritual, but New York has it refined to an art and the options seem endless. Braai offers a great South African spin on the brunch norm, and Prince Street Cafe became a go-to after one fun New Years Eve trip.
  5. Russian baths - After all the eating and drinking and walking around the city, sometimes you just need to relax and decompress. In fact, its become the New Years Day afternoon tradition.

Ohhh memories. This entry makes me even more excited to be headed back to the city for a week of work in between weddings in Maryland and New Jersey. Also, while favorites and traditions are always good to have on deck, I'm always open to suggestions of new places to try out...so send 'em my way.

See you soon, NYC!

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