01 September 2011

Localizing - LA Weekly's Annual Pancake Breakfast

As mentioned in my Runyon Canyon entry, much enjoyable grubbing was done while Allison visited me last weekend. We introduced her to In & Out, Papa's Place, food trucks, Fred 62, House of Pies, Wahoo's fish tacos...

...but best of all, we attended LA Weekly's First Annual Pancake Breakfast. The event was held downtown at the Vibiana, a gorgeous event space that had been the city's first cathedral - and there was already a long line when we arrived a few minutes before the event start time of 11am. The doors open promptly and the line moved swiftly; once checked in, we were greeted with awesome coffee mugs and handy forks with curved edges to help cut through the pancakes that awaited us.

And what a crazy amount of pancakes (and coffee and breakfast cocktails) awaited us. As we got in line for our first tasting, we came up with a strategy to take on traditional breakfast-type options first and then circle back for the savory types. LA Mill's line for individual pour'ed-over iced or hot coffee seemed endless, so we grabbed free water bottles and set off.

To recap:
  • Tried 15 out of 20 restaurants
  • Original Pancake House was actually visited twice becausethey served their apple dutch baby pancakes then refilled with a round of Kijafa cherry crepes
  • Favorite traditional breakfast-style pancake? Fig's lemon-ricotta pancakes topped with blueberry butter and almonds
  • Favorite non-pancake? Nickel Diner's Irish carbomb donut hole
  • Favorite savory pancake? Kobawoo House's seafood pancake
  • Runner(s) up? Square One's pancake topped with bacon and bacon-infused carameland Tiara Cafe's milk pancake topped with a chilled lemon sabayon and Maldon salt

So. Well. Where was I?

The event recap. Right. Well, obviously it was an amazing opportunity and sure worth the $25 ticket cost considering the sheer (unlimited!) amount of quality foods and beverages.

Who's coming into town for the next Jonathan Gold/LA Weekly food event?!

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