21 August 2011

SF Outside Lands

As my apology post indicated, I spent the other weekend up in the Bay Area for SF Outside Lands (and to visit/transport a Portos delivery to my Alameda family and visiting with friends anddd eating all kinds of delicious food). Mind you, it had been 2 years since my last three-day music festival (Lollapalooza 2009, if you were wondering), and I do not recall it taking that much out of me energy-wise to recuperate back into anormal schedule.

Then again, post-Lollapalooza week was actually just a week of packing in preparation for three weeks in Shanghai, one week in the Philippines and a move to Greenville. And I guess one's 23 year old self can probably bounce back from three days of sun, music, drinking and little sleep than one's 25 year old self. I digress.

Minus the hot mess of logistics it took to get to and from the Golden Gate Park, the festival was a really great experience. Saturday probably took the overall award for best rocking out day as we essentially spent afternoon into evening with Ok Go - Arctic Monkeys - Black Keys - Muse.

Here's a short clip of when Matthew Bellamy took to the piano onstage. That Kate Hudson is a lucky lady.

Other highlights of the weekend for me were Best Coast, The Shins and Major Lazer. The Major Lazer set was a straight-up hour long dance party on the sunniest day of the festival - gave a new meaning to Sunday Funday, no bottomless-mimosa brunch necessary.

Mucho thanks to the friends and family that made it a great weekend as well!

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