10 July 2011

Curls Curls Curls

Since having moved to France in March 2010, I'd only had a handful of haircuts. So it being Summer 2011 now - naturally, a change would probably be in need. I'd mixed it up a bit with some ombre coloring back in April (shoutout and thanks to Quint back at the Ivy Salon in Greenville) but decided I needed some major lightening up of the length and ease of styling given the summer heat and my proclivity to dedicate more time to snoozing than blowdrying in the morning.

I diligently did my Yelp research and ventured out to the west-side this morning for an appointment with Hidemi at Hair Epoch. Few hours later, I emerged with lighter layers and easy-maintenance wavy curls. As with any hair treatment, the last stretch of sitting around in the salon chair made me super-fidgety, but I'm super happy with the outcome. I definitely plan on returning back to Hidemi, Epoch and the Mitsuwa market right next door!

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